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What can ONLINE SPEED DATING do for you?

Do you need to invite a lot of job applicants? Did you get the task to let new collegues introduced to each other? Or do you have to improve cooperation between stakeholders?

Then Video Speed Dating might help you fast and effectively. Speed Dating is all about sharing knowledge, create understanding and connecting on an individual level.

We all know about Speed Dating for singles, but is is highly effective for business purposes aswell. Individuals can have 1-1 (or 2-2) time framed conversations with other relevant people with the comfort of using a device and location of their own choice.

With our custom made Video Speed Dating Server, you decide your specific goal and lead your people trough the Speed Dating process with grace. No one needs special software and you don't need any technical knowledge because we will prepare the event for you.

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Why Video Speed Dating?

  • Facilitate numerous 1-1 conversations
  • People will only to other relevant group members
  • Connect people even when they are abroad
  • Speed Dating is a proven method to get results
  • Ideal for knowledge sharing, applications or corporate mergers
  • Or just for connecting and create understanding
  • For businesses, professionals and international companies
  • Save a lot of time and costs for everyone involved
  • Organize an entire event within a couple of days
  • Also possible for 2-2 conversations

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Why choose us?

1. Organizing Speed Dating in Micorsoft Teams or Zoom is not possible, that's why we have developed our own system.

2. No one needs any software, just a browser on a device.

3. You can use your own logo and corporate identity if you want.

4. We can handle up to 1.600 people having 10 conversations in a day, that means 16.000 conversations.

5. We have organised more than 3.000 Speed Dating Events in the last 20 years.

6. We operate Worldwide.

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Some of our clients

Video Speed Dating

  • Gupta Technologies, California, United States;
  • Medtronic, Dublin, Ireland;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Hague, the Neterlands;
  • Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands;

Traditional Speed Dating

We also organise physical Speed Dating Events in the Netherlands, this is an event we have organised in Amsterdam ArenA.

We operate worldwide, starting from $849 (4 hours of consultancy included)